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Screen Printing Services. Are you in need of custom screen printing for shirts, a fundraiser, an athletic club, or other events? Promofect offers next-level screen printing services to clients throughout the United States. This includes medical facilities, unions, and other organizations that may need bulk screen printing.

Promofect strongly believes in the impactful role of promotional items and personalized apparel. T-shirts, jerseys, hats, sweaters, uniforms, you name it. We have the capabilities to narrate a story, establish a brand identity, champion a cause, and leave a memorable mark. Every entity, be it a school, a first responder team, or a corporate entity, possesses a distinctive narrative waiting to be shared. Our mission is to assist in conveying that narrative effectively. Our mission about our mission and capabilities–don’t hesitate to reach out to our team online.

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Promofect Offers a Range of Screen Printed Apparel and Items

Screen printing is an affordable, effective option for unions, athletic teams, fundraisers, and organizations big and small.

Discover a wide array of promotional products meticulously crafted to cater to your individual preferences and requirements. Our diverse collection ranges from chic apparel and fashionable headwear to practical bags and athletic jerseys, offering an extensive selection suitable for any event or objective you have in mind. Whether it’s a corporate gathering, promotional drive, or team excursion, rest assured, we have top-notch merchandise that makes a memorable impact. Explore our vast inventory to find the ideal promotional items that seamlessly resonate with your brand identity and marketing objectives.

How Does Screen Printing Work?

  1. Design Preparation: The process begins with creating or preparing a design that needs to be printed. This design is typically created digitally or drawn by hand.
  2. Screen Preparation: A mesh screen, usually made of polyester or nylon, is stretched tightly over a frame. The screen is then coated with a light-sensitive emulsion, which is allowed to dry in a dark environment.
  3. Exposure: The prepared screen is placed in a darkroom or exposure unit. A film positive of the design is placed on top of the screen, and then it’s exposed to ultraviolet light. The light hardens the emulsion in areas not covered by the design on the film.
  4. Washing: After exposure, the screen is washed with water, which removes the unexposed emulsion, leaving behind a stencil of the design on the screen. This stencil allows ink to pass through in the desired areas during printing.
  5. Printing: The screen is mounted onto a printing press, and the substrate (e.g., fabric) is placed underneath. Ink is applied to the top of the screen, and a squeegee is used to pull the ink across the screen, forcing it through the stencil onto the substrate. This process is repeated for each color in the design, with separate screens prepared for each color.
  6. Drying: Once the design is printed onto the substrate, it needs to be dried to cure the ink and make it permanent. Depending on the type of ink used, drying may occur at room temperature or require additional heat treatment.

Screen printing is a great way for brands, companies, organizations, and others to create custom apparel and promotional products. It’s a creative avenue to elevate their visibility and ensure their team shines with unmatched style.

Why Promofect for Screen Printing?

With Promofect, your products aren’t compromised by low quality or service delays. We pride ourselves in delivering high-end products for whatever the occasion may be. For branding, an event, or a limited run of t-shirts for an event, Promofect is here to help. If you’re ready to start your next project, you can let us know online or call us at (845) 357-9448.