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Online Fundraising Stores. Custom web stores with Promofect allow you to quickly and easily raise funds for your nonprofit or organization. By leveraging e-commerce to generate funds you provide an accessible way for supporters to engage with and support your cause, whether that means raising money for a school art club, removing all the plastic from the ocean, or something in between. Tap into the benefits of online commerce to broaden your support base and enhance your fundraising capabilities. Promofect prides itself on high-quality products, fast turnaround times, and dedicated customer support. Give us a call at (845) 357-9448 or contact us online to set up your online store today.

Online Fundraising Stores | Custom Web Stores | Online Fundraising Platform

What Online Fundraising Stores Can Do for Your Organization

According to a Charitable Giving Report from the Blackbaud Institute, online giving is more popular than ever. Recently, there’s been a 42% three-year increase in online giving and 12% of all fundraising proceeds studied by the institute came from the web. Fundraising stores are a great way to enhance the visibility and financial support of community and non-profit organizations. Benefits include:

  • Enhanced reach and engagement: Anyone with a link can support your cause, whether they live two doors down or halfway across the world.
  • Streamlined fundraising processes: Automation simplifies donation collection, tracking, and management.
  • Cost-effectiveness: Reduces the need for physical materials and event logistics.
  • Time efficiency: Offers continuous fundraising opportunities without the need for event planning.
  • Brand promotion: Offers more visibility for your nonprofit or organization with custom apparel and promotional products.
  • Real-time analytics: Tracks sales and donations, providing insights for future strategies.
  • Enhanced donor experience: Convenient online shopping for supporters.
  • Increased fundraising potential: Expands the scope for raising more funds through diverse product offerings.

Why Choose Promofect for Your Online Fundraising Store?

Promofect allows nonprofits and other organizations to streamline their fundraising efforts, engage donors, and maximize contributions. We strive to make the online fundraising process, including the selection and delivery of your promotional items as easy as possible for you. Here are a few reasons why Promofect is your preferred partner in online fundraising web stores:

100% Free: Zero Cost, Full Feature Web Store Setup

When you partner with Promofect for design and fulfillment of your promotional products and custom apparel, we offer our web stores at no extra charge. There are no hidden fees, no unexpected charges—just a straightforward, transparent process that allows you to focus on what matters: raising funds for your cause.

Easily Collect Orders

Your organization collects sales directly from the web store. There’s no need to worry about the logistics of payment processing. Once an order is placed, the responsibility of ensuring your supporters receive their merchandise timely and efficiently falls to us, allowing you to focus on engaging with your community and driving sales.

Start Selling In Just Hours

Time is of the essence in fundraising. Promofect’s streamlined setup process means your online store can be live and ready to accept orders in a matter of hours, not days or weeks. The quick setup allows for an immediate start to your fundraising campaign, ensuring that your organization can capitalize on timely opportunities and maintain momentum in your fundraising efforts.

Custom Solutions

Your promotional products and web store should be tailored to your unique organization and message. From selecting the right mix of products, designing custom merchandise, or setting up the storefront to reflect the organization’s brand, Promofect’s platform is designed to provide flexibility and control to our partners.

High-Quality Merchandise

Quality matters when it comes to fundraising merchandise. Promotional products that are durable, attractive, and useful are more likely to be purchased and used and held onto, thereby extending the reach and impact of your campaign. Promofect’s commitment to sourcing and producing high-quality merchandise ensures that every item sold in your fundraising store not only generates revenue but also builds brand loyalty and awareness.

Key Features for Fundraising

With our customized web stores, your online fundraising store can include:

  • Fundraising Progress Bar: Visual representation of fundraising goals and progress, motivating supporters and organizers by showing real-time results.
  • Customizable Personalizations: Offers the option to add personal touches to products, such as names and numbers, enhancing the appeal and value of items for fundraisers.
  • Unlimited Products: No restrictions on the number of products you can offer, allowing for a diverse and attractive range of items to appeal to a broad audience.
  • Pickup or Delivery Options: Flexibility in distribution with options for supporters to pick up their orders or have them delivered, catering to convenience and preference.
  • Auto-close Feature: Ability to automatically close the web store on a set date, perfect for time-bound fundraising campaigns.

Our reviews for our online fundraising stores speak for themselves:

I work for a non-profit and recently switched to Promofect. It was the easiest transition, and we had no idea what we had been missing! The customer service is top notch, and the product options are endless! We were incredibly pleased with the end product and how quickly we received our items. Feedback from the clients who purchased from our fundraising store (which Promofect set up quickly and it looked fantastic) was also excellent. We are opening another one again just a few months later because people are ASKING for more! Thanks Eric and Staff! – Vicki Wolf

Online Fundraising Stores | Custom Web Stores | Online Fundraising Platform

Get Started With Your Online Fundraising Store Today

We don’t believe in going back and forth with quotes and design ideas for weeks before you can start raising money. We’ll give you a 1-on-1, online demo of how your web store will work, and nail down your design and branding ideas as quickly as possible so you can get back to focusing on your fundraising. We make it as easy as possible for you to get started with your online fundraising store. Simply give us a call at (845) 357-9448, contact us online, or schedule a 30-minute call to get started.