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Your business, your brand deserve the best. Welcome to Promofect, a locally owned business in Rockland County, New York, serving the entire Northeast. We help transform your brand’s vision into tangible, high-quality promotional products and custom apparel.

We’re here to provide you with the practical knowledge and expertise of what it takes to create promotional items and custom apparel that truly represent your brand. You deserve to have products that fuel your mission and boost your brand. We provide a range of products along with a dedicated team to support your growth:

President | Promotional Products Specialist

Eli Stiefel

As the President and Promotional Products Specialist, Eli seamlessly merges visionary leadership with unparalleled expertise in promotional products, aiming to elevate and fortify your brand’s presence. With a strategic approach and a commitment to excellence, Eli orchestrates the integration of top-notch promotional solutions to enhance your brand’s reach and impact.

COO | Head of Sales

Eric Bonkoski

Serving as the Chief Operating Officer and Head of Sales at Promofect, Eric takes on the role of the customer’s advocate, ensuring that your needs are not only met but met with precision, efficiency, and a touch of charm to guarantee that everything is executed flawlessly. With a focus on customer satisfaction and a keen understanding of your requirements, Eric brings a dynamic blend of leadership and charisma to ensure that every aspect of your experience surpasses expectations.

Controller | Accounts Receivable

Bridget Hayes

In her role as Controller and Accounts Receivable, Bridget plays a pivotal role in maintaining the financial equilibrium of the organization. With meticulous attention to detail, Bridget ensures that our finances are kept in flawless harmony. Her expertise extends to securing the best prices for our customers, contributing to our commitment to delivering value and efficiency. Bridget’s financial acumen and dedication make her an indispensable part of the team, ensuring that Promofect remains a reliable and cost-effective partner for our valued clients.


Kim Romero

Kim brings a unique blend of creativity and precision to the team. With a keen eye for detail and a creative core, Kim specializes in transforming conceptual ideas into visually stunning designs that speak volumes. Kim’s artistic flair adds an extra layer of uniqueness to our custom apparel and promotional products, ensuring that your brand is not just noticed but remembered. Kim’s commitment to artistic excellence contributes to the overall visual appeal of our offerings, making Promofect a standout choice for those seeking distinctive and impactful promotional materials.

Head of Art

Dulce Chincilla

As the Head of Art, Dulce is the driving force behind our innovative and trend-setting art department. With a passion for aesthetics and a devotion to pushing the boundaries of promotional design, Dulce leads the team with creativity and flair. Her strategic vision and keen understanding of design trends ensure that we stay at the forefront of everything from custom apparel and promotional products to web stores and fulfillment. Dulce’s leadership not only elevates the visual appeal of our products but also sets new industry standards for creativity and innovation. With her at the helm, our art department continues to be a powerhouse of originality, making Promofect the go-to choice for cutting-edge promotional materials.

Administrator | Merchstore Coordinator

Jordan Paul

In the role of Administrator and Merchstore Coordinator, Jordan is your dedicated resource for order precision and seamless coordination. With a keen eye for detail and a thorough understanding of the intricacies of each order, Jordan ensures that every aspect of the process is handled with precision and expertise. As the coordinator of merchstores, Jordan navigates the complexities of these platforms with ease, providing our clients with a streamlined and efficient experience. Jordan’s commitment to excellence and organizational prowess are invaluable assets, ensuring that your orders are managed with the utmost care and efficiency.

Head of Marketing

Derek Sterling

Derek is the creative force behind our captivating marketing strategies. With a keen understanding of market dynamics and consumer behavior, Derek crafts innovative campaigns that propel your name and brand far and wide. His strategic approach and magnetic appeal attract new clients, establishing Promofect as a dynamic and influential presence in the industry. Derek’s expertise in marketing ensures that our custom apparel and promotional products reach their intended audience, driving engagement and fostering lasting partnerships. With a passion for creativity and a commitment to excellence, Derek plays a pivotal role in shaping our success and reputation.

Screen Printing & Embroidery Expert

Hamza Aslam

As our screen printing and embroidery expert, Hamza is the artisan behind bringing your designs to life on fabric. With a one-of-a-kind blend of precision and passion, Hamza masters the intricate art of screen printing and embroidery. His meticulous attention to detail ensures that each design is flawlessly translated onto various textiles, creating products that stand out with unparalleled quality. Hamza’s expertise in the realm of printing and embroidery adds a distinctive touch to every custom item he touches, making them visually striking and memorable. With a commitment to excellence, Hamza elevates the aesthetic appeal of our products, leaving a lasting impression on clients and recipients alike.

Morale Supervisor


YOGI!, our beloved GoldenDoodle, keeps spirits high and ensures everyone stays on their best behavior with wagging approval. After all, you can observe a lot just by watching.

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