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Custom Bomber Jackets: A Comparison of the Top 5 Brands

Custom Bomber Jackets: A Comparison of the Top 5 Brands

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Bella Canvas vs Gildan: A Detailed Comparison Guide

Bella Canvas vs Gildan: A Detailed Comparison Guide

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Great service! The process was super easy and Eric was fantastic! Will definitely order from Promofect again!

I work for a non-profit and recently switched to Promofect. It was the easiest transition, and we had no idea what we had been missing! The customer service is top notch, and the product options are endless! We were incredibly pleased with the end product and how quickly we received our items. Feedback from the clients who purchased from our fundraising store (which Promofect set up quickly and it looked fantastic) was also excellent. We are opening another one again just a few months later because people are ASKING for more! Thanks Eric and Staff!

Vicki Wolf